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Reavers of Harkenwold


The southern most region of King Marden’s kingdom. It is under Baron Stockmer’s rule.

  • Albridge
    Trading town on the White River.
  • Druid’s Grove
    Home of the human druid Reithann. Iron Circle bandits cannot enter here.
  • Toadwallow Caverns
    A swamp to the east of Harkenwold. Home to a tribe of Bullywugs. Now all dead in the battle of Toadwallow Caverns.
  • Tor’s Home
    Home to Bran Torrson, his six brothers, their wives, and all their red headed progeny. Prince Simon has convinced Bran to join the rebellion. 20 men have been sent to Albridge.
  • White River
    The White River runs West to East through Harkenwold.
  • Willowfeet Halfling River Caravan
    A floating caravan of gypsy halfings. Now all dead.
  • Harken’s Heart
    The Elven druids of Harken forest. A wandering society of Treant worshippers lead by a Hierophant druid by the name of Israfen Woodsinger.

King Marden of Aelfrace
The king of Albright, the Songwoods, the Nentir Vale, and the Hammerfasts.

Blood Spear Wars
A decade old war against the Bloodspear orcs of the eastern Mountains. Any older veterans have fought in this war. It was this war that caused King Marden to decide to unite the realm


The Reavers
The Reavers, or the Iron Circle, are Sarthel invaders. More of a gang then an army, they terrorize Harkenwold, though show no signs of pushing further north.

The Fey Court
The Summer Court, the Autumn Court, the Winter Court, the Gloaming Court

The Thousand Year War

Coming Soon

“Points of Lights” setting

Reavers of Harkenwold is set in a PoL setting. This means that civilizations are like small points of light set amidst the darkness of chaos, and monsters. There is little trade in this world, most towns have learned to be self-sufficient. The trade that does happen is in large caravans hundred wagons long. Civilization is in decline after a war that has existed since the oldest members of society can remember-a war between the Dragonborn country of Arkosia and the Tiefling country of Bael Turith. The war is over, mainly because the economy to run it has exhausted itself. Therefore, there is no central government. Each region is run by its own baronies with little outside effect.

House Rules

House rules and other ideas.

Prince Simon: Royalty
Daenanilli: Nature’s blested
Gabriel: Revenge on the Fey

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