Yisarn the Undying

A wicked undead wizard


Yisarn is a mysterious presence in the land of Harkenwold. A minor wizarding figure from sometime before the Bloodspear Wars. Yisarn the undying as his self-inscribed moniker implies was somehow cursed with a spell that rendered him an undead skeleton. Whether this cursed was placed upon him by his own ineptitude in probing the mysteries of the necromatic arts, or by someone who he angered, Yisarn quickly went into hiding and was never heard from again.

Now he has reappeared in the Southern Harkenwoods, making a lair for himself inside an abandoned Eladrin settlement. The Woodsinger elves who have discovered his presence, are now contemplating how to destroy him him, or at least route him from their homeland.


Yisarn existence is only known in two wizarding texts: his name shows up in a roster of Who’se Who in the World of Wizarding and two of his spells (Yisarn’s wiggling finger and Yisarn’s Necrotic breath show up an edition of Wizarding Apocrypha as minor necromatic charms.

Yisarn the Undying

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