Baron Stockmer

Baron and rightful ruler of Harkenwold - Is he still Alive?


Father of the noble Prince Henrik and the cunning Prince Simon, Baron Stockmer is the rightful ruler of Harkenwold. After the Bloodspear Wars three decades previous, Baron Stockmer was sworn a banner lord under Kind Mardin of Alheim for his courageous service in protecting his homeland. Since then, the elderly Stockmer has shown himself to be kind ruler. He has allowed a certain amount of autonomy in the Harkenwolds, allowing farmers a large yield of their crop, and keeping a light hold on the land.

Rumor in Harkenwold is that though Baron Stockmer is proud of his oldest son Henrick, that he considers his younger song a disappointment. This rumor was validated when Baron Stockmer sent young Prince Simon off to a wizards academy.

Since the Iron Circle attack, no one knows whether Baron Stockmer is still alive. Though Prince Henrik’s body hangs from the gibbet, no one knows whether Baron Stockmer might still be alive rotting in the dungeons underneath Harkenwold

Baron Stockmer

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