The Reavers


Riethann the Witch

I can sense through my spirit wolves there presence on the grove borders. There are two of them, just like the fey spirits from the green lands foretold. They will have a role to play in this, though I don’t know what. Beneath my aching knees, where a few hours earlier in the dawn gloam I planted the seed I was given, she is growing. Her golden brown skin rises up out of the sacred earth. I know not what she is called, she is a creature of the Feywild and our realm, she will have to find her own name.

I care not for these invaders and their plans. They cannot touch me in my sacred grove, but this girl is important to the prophecies. The strangers will ask me for advice and I will guide them to either Bran Torrson’s or to Albright, it matters little either. But she must join these strangers. They will link together with others and form a crown. I send the halfling boy to begin setting out provisions for all of us. The strangers will be hungry when they arrive. Then I return to the Monolith Rock to search for the presence of the Feywild.


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