The Reavers

Simon's Sad Pathetic Life

This place is so predictably boring.

Simon’s Log -

The banality of my situation somewhat slackened today. Huzzah! After being whisked away from the castle by Captain Skarlface to this ridiculous squalor pit, I found myself stuck in pisstown for over a week! Today, something interesting finally happened. Karl finally got over his paranoia and decided we needed to emerge from this “secret lair” and help out the common folk who are granting us refuge. The inbred clan providing us “shelter” are known as the Torsson’s. They are renown for their ability to grow corn and produce hordes of red headed idiot babies. Father has been enamored with them for as long as I can remember. As far as I can tell, the only thing they have ever been good for is paying their taxes. Anyway, today the Captain came down and said “The good folk of Torr’s hold need our help, blah blah blah…new cleric in town blah blah blah…bullywugs trapped in the caves”. To be honest I really didn’t care that much, I just wanted to get out of that horribly rank hole. One thing that did catch my attention was that the renown druid Raithan arrived here last night, only Ioun knows why. She had some sort of forest spirit avatar stuck in a nearby cavern being held captive by a Bullywog tribe. Some of the local bumpkins decided to go in there and Captain Fantastic convinced me to come along. He claims it’s good for my character. Bah! If anything, in retrospect, it was good for spell practice.

Anyway, once we had made it inside the stinky cave, we observed the oddest thing. A large Bullywug holding a wooden stick girl over a foamy toad pit full of ravenous bullywug pupa. I recognized the unconscious creature as a Wilden. Never before had I seen one in the flesh, or should I say, in the timber. Ha, ha, ha…Oh, my sides, ha ha..I kid, I kid. Anyway, this creature must be of some value, explaining Raithan’s presence. Well, as soon as we entered the Bullywug dropped stick girl in the pit and summoned two gray oozes out of pit. Imagine that! The ability to summon gray oozes. Absolutely fascinating! While I was considering ways of getting on the Bullywug’s good side, some of the Torrson brats tried to engage it in combat and unfortunately it was necessary to dispatch it. Just my luck. During the fight, some buffoon managed to knock open a gushing water spigot and flooded the chamber. But not before I found a rather interesting cache of sweet loot. What I found was an unlocked chest with a sapphire, a corded symbol talisman, and a wand.

Meanwhile, at the mouth of the cavern, the rest of my ramshackle goof squad found some way to attract the attention of more hostile bullywugs. By the Raven Queen’s black scowl, I have never been in the company of such a fine collection of imbeciles. I guess that’s my lot in life though; constantly being dragged down into the muck by my inferiors. That’s what do-gooding will get you. Be ye warned.


I award thee 60 xp.

Simon's Sad Pathetic Life
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