The Reavers

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My So-Called Reign

Finally had a chance to write. We’ve been so busy running errands for peons. The elves in the southern forest got us into a tight spot with a necromancer. Best thing in his dungeon was the possibility to animate a black dragon skeleton. Absolutely fascinating lore. My so-called subjects/comrades balked at the idea and because I actually need them to get my kingdom back, I decided to not go through with the ritual. Such a waste. The wilden is starting to get on my nerves. Useful, yes, but not exactly what I would call “on board” with the Harkenwold agenda. Sometimes she speaks as if Harkenwold was a small and insignificant factor in whatever she has scheming up in that wooden noggin of hers. Concerning, but it will have to wait till later.

Anyway, the battle of Albridge commences today. I feel like I have really turned the tide here. I dare say that if I hadn’t shown up, all of these peasants would be lying dead in their fields tomorrow. It’s hard being a wizard prince sometimes. So many responsibilities, so little recognition. Sometimes though being an effective leader means letting others lead instead… and then letting them take the blame for failure. Ha ha. It’s funny because it’s true. I won’t let incompetence risk my kingdom though. No, no, no…can’t have that. Still, you sometimes have to break a few hundred eggs to make a perfect omelet.


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