The Reavers

Gypsy, Tramps, and Thieves

Dar Gremath, Resistance Leader

We’ve received reports from our scouts in Tor’s Hold that they have come into contact with Prince Simon and his party. The report was mixed. Our agents were able to find the Willowfeet Halfling Clan, but unfortunately Nazrim Redthorne, that blackhearted dog, found them first. The hafling families were murdered by Redthorne’s mercenaries, and their bodies hung on the makeshift gibbets provided by their rigging. I have no love for those river gypsies, but no one deserves such a fate. Hopefully their deaths can be used as a catalyst to convince the people of Harkenwold, that these Zhentarim raiders cannot be bartered with. They will be pay for their crimes.

Luckily, the young prince and his recon team, came across the criminals who did this, and brought them to justice. The mercenaries called themselves the Frostblades, and they seem to be one of many of these mercenary groups in the service of the Iron Circle.

Our heroes have passed on word for us to meet them in the forest of the Woondsinger elves. They are meeting with the elves to see if they can turn them to our cause. If they can, perhaps we will have enough men to turn the tide of battle to our favor.

I wish them well in the days ahead. A cold rain has fallen on Harkenwold, followed by a thick fog. Traveling the trails must be difficult enough, but I also believe that Nazrim Redthorn is aware of their presence as his patrols have increased.


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