The Reavers

Dark Magic

Chief Archaelogist Fili Runestone

Daily Report from the Great Hall 307

Let Moradin’s Hammer ring today. I have good news to report to the archaeology committee in Hammerfast; a possible site for the artifact. We know the artifact was in a pre-winter barony believed to be called Harkenwold. We have discovered three major sites that we now believe to reside in that location. From those sites, we have discovered a cask of primary documents including velum manuscripts chronicling the day to day operations in Harken Castle. One of the names that continually crops up in these records is a young noble, Prince Simon Harken.

Prince Harken appeared to be an adventurer and traveled with a band of heroes. It is likely that Harken could have picked the artifact in his journeys and either kept it in Harken Castle, or at his possible undiscovered gravesite. Harken’s companions have continually showed up in our historical records. Bishop Gabriel has been shown in the record books of a pre-winter cathedral whose remains were discovered in the Winterfens. We have also been given a treasure trove of information from the interview with Management. As one of the only survivors of winter, and someone who has originally met with the members of this party, he has been invaluable in helping us triangulate the site of the artifact.

We know the adventurers have traveled to the South of Bramblewoods to seek out an undead wizard Yisarn. Yisarn’s name has shown up in the arcane record of names and we have found two of his spells Yisarn’s Wiggling Finger and Yisarn’s necrotic breath. What the adventuring party desired with Yisarn is unclear and will likely continue too until we discover the whereabouts of Yisarn’s lair. Our reports from the Harken Castle shows that the location might be an abandoned Eladrin tower. Three archaelogy teams have been sent to the South of Bramblewolds to find the remains of the tower.


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Dark Magic
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