The Reavers

A Dark Carnival

Chief Archaelogist Fili Runestone

Archaelogical Transcript 305b

Interviewer Archaelogist Fili

Interviewee Mgm.

F: At the finality of this interview, Mgm. record will be expunged and he will be released from custody and forbidden to remain in Hammerfast. To begin, Mgm. when did you first meet the individuals mentioned in your affidavit?

Mgm: In Albridge, in Harkenwold.

F: What were you doing at the time?

Mgm: Traveling along the King’s road. I owned a circus at the time, Circe de Selune, and it was useful enterprise in allowing to move secretly across the land. We were heading north to the Kingdom of Albright.

F: Albright, the Lost City?

Mgm: Yes, for all I know it’s under a glacier now. We got stuck in Albridge, in the Barony of Harkenwold. Harkenwold was a provincial kingdom at that time, of no importance. It had been captured by Sarthel raiders and the individuals you mentioned were striving to take the barony back. One of them was local royalty after all. Even then, I knew they had the artifact. Even then, without knowing what it was, I knew they had found something immeasurably valuable and didn’t know it. I planned to steal it from them, but obviously that didn’t work out. Instead, I went north and they went south and we didn’t meet again until later.

F: Who were they?

Mgm. Prince Simon Harken, or at least I still think he was a prince then. The knight Karl, it amuses me that he now exists in children’s stories. Then he was just a bodyguard. A Tiefling cleric to the dead god. A half-elf Greencloak. I sent one of my circus performers after him, an illusionist.

F: Do you know where they went after that.

Mgm: I left Harkenwold in a hurry after that. I needed to stay clear of the Sarthel raiders. I didn’t hear of them again until Albright, and it was shortly after that when it happened.

F: The fall of the kingdom of Albright

Mgm: The fall of everything…


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